How retailers can implement effective strategic branding campaigns

Alongside search and social channels to increase customer acquisition and sales

Many retailers  see success with search and social campaigns, however for many of our customers this is increasingly proving  to not be enough for driving new customer acquisition and sales. Retail is highly competitive and while social strategies drive customer acquisition it’s become apparent that diversifying channels and adopting a full funnel approach to marketing, plays a key role in creating  cut through and gaining customer attention. Which in turn  results in greater, cost effective, customer acquisition volumes.

To increase customer acquisition and boost sales, retailers should adopt programmatic campaigns to:

  • Diversify into other channels – by using programmatic to test and optimise advertising through digital channels including BVOD, DOOH and pDOOH and to reimagine traditional channels online.
  • Find new audiences and in turn customers – Using Bench Media intelligence, partners and industry expertise, retailers can implement campaigns to find new audiences that convert (see Nuheara wireless earbuds case study that resulted in 517% increase in sales and Lyre’s Spirits case study that resulted in 30% increase in sales).
  • Buy media cost effectively across all channels – using data/targeting to buy media in real-time with less wastage.
  • Ensure flexibility in media channel buys to enable speedy response to real time results and increased agility and adaptivity to changing environments and business needs.
  • Maximize first party data – by using their customer and website data to inform all media buying.

Results Retailers can expect:

  • Scale effectively – by finding new audience segments and customers that convert through multi-channels.
  • Increase customer attention and consideration  through multiple channels and touch points. 
  • Grow their customer base by finding new audience segments that convert.
  • Uncover digital  branding channels that increase awareness and reach, and ultimately help to convert new customers without hitting points of diminishing returns. 
  • Gain the ability to adapt digital campaigns quickly and react to industry and economic changes.

Bench Media can measure the impact of brand channels on search and social for clients. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.