Finding a better way to build powerful connections between people and brands

Bench is the digital media agency that’s been shaking up the Australian digital media scene since 2012

Founded and managed by digital disruptors Ori Gold, and Shai Luft, Bench rapidly became the go-to independent digital media agency for brands looking to make a big impact in the digital world.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing media landscape, capturing people’s attention is no easy feat. Bench therefore takes a unique approach to digital marketing, challenging convention and finding better ways to build powerful connections between people and brands.

Technology is only one piece of the puzzle – it’s the way we use it that really matters. Our expert team of digital strategists and technologists is committed to helping our clients navigate the complex media environment and achieve better ROI.


“Attention: the scarcest resource of the 21st century”


Why work with Bench Media

Technology agnostic

We take a bespoke approach for each client and choose the tech that will deliver the best results for your business.

Results, not rates

We build campaigns delivering tangible results, whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, drive conversions, or both.

Audience > channel

We ditched the outdated idea of focusing on channels. We focus on finding your audience, no matter where they are online.

Optimisation at scale

We are accountable for your results and work tirelessly to improve your ROI. Our aim is to help you achieve your business goals and take your brand to the next level.

Real-time visibility

Our proprietary technology Bench Connect gives you control and real-time visibility on your campaigns so you can make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

What our clients say

Bench delivers better ROI to leading brands and agencies.

RMIT Online
The Smith Family
Athletes Foot

Latest Case Studies


Bench enabled share trading fintech Stake to more than double their app downloads by connecting digital out of home with the right audiences at the right time.

219% uplift in app installs
54% gain from app install to activation


Bench developed a digital out-of-home campaign across Australia for Modibodi, which drove incremental sales across video and display marketing channels.

94% increase in return-on-ad-spend
51% reduction in cost-per-sale video ads


Bench Media, in partnership with Tourist Tracka, drove an untapped audience strategy and incremental sales for leading luggage retailer Samsonite.

337% sales goal achievement
366 direct campaign attributed sales

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Shai Luft - Bench Media

Chief Operating Officer

Shai Luft

Meet Shai Luft, a senior marketing executive with a proven track record of delivering results for Australia’s largest ASX200-listed companies. Despite his success, Shai was frustrated by the amount of red tape and bureaucracy that held back marketing innovation. That’s why he co-founded Bench in 2012. As the driving force behind Bench’s operations, Shai is committed to empower marketers with the agility and control they need to achieve their best results.

Ori Gold - Bench Media

Chief Executive Officer

Ori Gold

Meet Ori Gold, an ad tech and martech expert. Driven by the frustration of everyday marketers facing a lack of control and accessibility, Ori co-founded Bench in 2012 to revolutionise the digital advertising landscape. Heading the talented and forward-thinking team at Bench, Ori is the driving force behind the company’s strategic and product vision. Thanks to Ori’s leadership, Bench has become one of the most respected and successful digital agencies in Australia.

General Manager

Liam Garratt

Meet Liam Garratt, the creative mind behind Bench’s top-notch products and services. With a career in digital media spanning over a decade, Liam has made a name for himself as a leader in the industry. He got his start in 2011 working for UK-based programmatic platform Crimtan, where he played a key role in launching the company’s Australian office. In 2017, Liam brought his expertise to Bench, where he now leads the Product & Services functions. Liam is passionate about delivering only the highest quality products and services to Bench’s clients. His commitment to excellence is the foundation of Bench’s stellar reputation.

VP of Growth

Anthony Fargeot

Meet Anthony Fargeot, the pioneer behind Bench’s growth and success. Joining Bench in its infancy in 2013, Anthony’s experience with high-growth start-ups gave him the skills to help Bench become one of the most successful digital agencies in Australia. As Head of Client Services and then Director of Operations, Anthony led Bench through its highest growth period. Today, as VP of Growth, Anthony uses his creative thinking and strategic insights to always look for new and innovative ways to help Bench stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing digital landscape.