Nuheara astounds with 5x sales growth

Facing rising costs on Google and Facebook, Nuheara needed to lift brand awareness while supporting direct to consumer metrics

Outstanding 517% revenue uplift

Selling noise-cancelling ear buds to audiophiles with hearing loss required an innovative solution

Branded search volume uplift
FY21 sales revenue growth

The campaign goal:

Nuheara wanted to grow brand awareness and sales of their wireless earbuds, IQbuds2 MAX, listed by TIME magazine as one of the most innovative products of 2020.

How Bench achieved success:

Bench solved the major challenges Nuheara faced by delivering TV programmatically and layering first-party and third-party data for far more precise and relevant targeting. This targeting approach was mirrored across all of the programmatic channels that Bench ran, ensuring relevance and efficiencies across the entire campaign.

Nuheara needed a way to increase brand awareness, while also supporting DTC marketing metrics and improving performance by reaching customers with the right message, via the right channels, at the right time in the customer journey. The company was also in the market for a solution that went beyond the limitations of traditional media and press, to target their niche customer profiles.

Nuheara needed to layer a more robust demand generation advertising solution over our digital marketing, and we wanted to do it efficiently and programmatically.”

Scott Forrest, Digital marketing director at Nuheara

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