Bench Connect

A programmatic platform with trust & transparency at its core. Connect includes 35+ media integrations for superior marketing results.

Connected media creates better outcomes

Media and teams in one place

With no code set up, Bench Connect offers over 35+ global integrations and multi-channel views for unparalleled trust and transparency.

Self-service & control

The best platform-as-a-service offering brands and agencies complete control over media operations, teams, campaigns, creatives and budgets.

Agility through analysis

Customised for trading team workflows, Bench Connect offers speedy insights to steer success.

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Clarity & transparency

Configure programmatic marketing and advertising smarter, better and faster. Fully customisable and fast to deploy, it’s a powerful way to set up and scale media across different data, networks and audiences.

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On a mission to connect the world's media & teams

Innovation, strategy and partnerships


With dynamic goals and team tracking, your agency or brand will be able to achieve better results, greater ROI and ultimately more revenue.


Budget management is a breeze with our self-serve platform connectors and ad tracking APIs to give full transparency on cost and performance.


Customisable report builder and dashboards to see outcomes by teams, agencies, campaigns, channels, audience groups and more. Easy to control costs and control outcomes.


Our portfolio tracking and dashboards allow for multi-agency structures and to see team performance across different views.

Your strategic advisor across all digital channels

Bench Services is a specialised media services operation powered by Bench Connect and dedicated to planning, buying and scaling your programmatic capabilities.

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Why customers choose Bench Connect

Competitive advantage

Unparalleled visibility across platforms, channels and audiences to scale locally and globally.

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Deploy your way

No code set up with this cloud-based platform which is designed using media team workflows, campaign set-up, testing and goals.

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Seamless data integrations

Bench integrates every option you want and allows you to customise our technology agnostic platform to suit your needs.

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Advertiser & agency view

Configure your programmatic marketing and media whatever way you like - check how your team manages campaigns across categories, platforms or brands.

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Manage more media

With the ability to scale quickly and generate better ROI, Bench Connect helps banish silos to drive rapid insights and effective campaign results.

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Save time & act faster

The speed and power of this platform drives rapid insights to help you build a unique position in market - along with more revenue and results.

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Smarter, faster and better

Discover how Bench can supercharge your results.
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