Exceptional new Bench talent hired remotely amid COVID impact

At Bench, we are always excited to welcome new people to the team! In the last few months, we have been lucky to hire some incredibly talented people across different departments.

Amongst our media traders, also known as the Performance team, we have welcomed Performance Managers Jamie Auciello and Jamison Milessis as well as Performance Specialist, Naufal Abdurrahman and in our Client Services Team, Account Manager Jack Cleaver.

Our Media & Partnerships team gained Sebastian Diaz as our new Media & Partnerships Manager and our Engineering team welcomed a new leader, Robert Farrugia as Head of Engineering.

It goes without saying that COVID has radically changed the face of our workplaces and the ways we operate, including our hiring and onboarding process.

Due to the uncertainty brought on by COVID, lockdowns and the subsequent limited use of our Sydney office, we had to adapt our ways of working to be able to hire and onboard people fully remotely. Technology, collaboration tools and enhanced communication are now the bedrock of our operations.  For the last two years, we have dedicated resources to making our operations flexible, seamless and efficient, no matter our people’s location. Moreover, we are always keeping on top of ways to perfect the process further, getting feedback from our people and staying attuned to industry trends and news.

Take it from some of our new team members!

“Even with a last-minute change to onboarding from in-person to online, I didn’t feel like it impacted my start. The wider team has been super supportive, helping me understand their roles and how I’d interact with them on the regular. I think I’ve met a good proportion of the team now, and I appreciate everyone who’s made the time to show me around, even if virtually!”
Sebastian Diaz, newly hired Media & Partnerships Manager


“Despite the obvious intricacies of joining a new workplace online, I have never felt as welcome as during my first weeks at Bench. It feels great to join a team that values open communication and encourages me to always ask questions. Looking forward to contributing more to the team!”
Naufal Abdurrahman, newly hired Performance Specialist