Medtronic activated their first-party data to create a programmatic campaign using Bench Connect's audience analysis to create a cost-effective way to launch an awareness and engagement campaign to augment traditional B2B sales channels.

Medtronic 143% lead increase

Bench helped the insulin pump manufacturer develop a ‘proof of concept’ programmatic campaign to directly reach Type 1 diabetics to offer qualified leads to their medical sales team.

Lead growth for sales team
78% improvement
Lowest ever cost per lead generated through native and display

The campaign goal

Bench helped Medtronic reach Type 1 diabetes patients in Australia and New Zealand to sell more insulin pumps and provide qualified leads for their sales team.

How Bench achieved success:

Targeting consumers at different stages of the purchase funnel with Facebook ads and native advertising kicked off the multi-channel approach.

A key contributor to the success of this campaign was the activation of first party data which fed into Bench’s audience analysis engine.

The Bench platform allowed Medtronic to view their cross-channel campaign analytics in real-time from one unified dashboard, giving full visibility into the channels that worked.Bench’s algorithms kept optimising the media spend to drive down cost-per-lead (CPL).

The programmatic solution:

The programmatic strategy generated 78% more leads than previous Medtronic campaigns and resulted in the lowest CPL up until that point.

“You guys are doing a great job. Continue to optimise the campaign, and provide your recommendations to increase leads and drop CPL. You are light years ahead …”

Stuart Mitchell, Senior digital lead

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