Bench Media drives digital out-of-home influenced sales for Modibodi

Bench developed a digital out-of-home campaign across Australia for Modibodi, which drove incremental sales across other marketing channels.

Modibodi's online sales increase through digital out-of-home ads

Bench developed a digital out-of-home campaign across Australia, which drove incremental sales on the Modibodi website.

reduction in cost-per-sale on video ads, and 4.7% on display ads
increase in return-on-ad-spend on video ads, and 12% on display ads
of captured device ID's on DOOH to retarget on display and video campaigns

How Bench achieved success with Modibodi

Founded in 2013, Modibodi’s simple desire to develop leak-proof underwear has since evolved into a range of life-changing apparel. Modibodi’s audience has also diversified to include products for all people – breaking the mould of a homogenised, discreet industry.

Modibodi’s ability to challenge the status quo made them a perfect candidate to work with us at Bench Media on new, untested marketing territory – a digital out-of-home campaign.

The campaign goal:

Bench Media had developed a digital campaign to amplify Modibodi’s branding, but influence audiences to make a purchase on site. The goal was to test the impact of digital out-of-home, an awareness channel, on purchases across sales-influencing display and video channels.

The programmatic solution:

  • Lower funnel online sales-focused campaign using display and video advertising.
  • Run a brand-amplifying digital out-of-home campaign across 3 months.
  • Retarget on-target audiences exposed to Modibodi’s digital out-of-home ads with display and video ads, encouraging them to purchase on site.

Bench Media developed a campaign targeting females 25-45, people over 50 and fitness enthusiasts across digital out-of-home screens.

Campaign milestones:

  • Bench Media saw a marked improvement in online sales after running their digital out-of-home campaign.
  • Bench retargeted thousands of device ID’s exposed to Modibodi’s digital out-of-home ads across display and video channels.
  • After running digital out-of-home ads, Bench Media saw Modibodi’s online cost-per-sale reduce by 51% across video activity and 4.7% across display activity.
  • Bench Media improved Modibodi’s return-on-ad-spend by 94.4% across video activity, and 12.2% across display activity.
  • Digital out-of-home improved clicks on display and video campaigns by up to 120%.
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