Bench Media closes the loop between Miele's online ads and in-store traction

Through programmatic strategy and tailored footfall measurement, Bench Media drove measured and attributable incremental store sales for Miele.

Bench Media increases Miele's in-store retail activity from programmatic advertising

Read how Bench Media's programmatic activity for Miele saw a measured increase in in-store retail walk-ins

the optimal minimum time on site to drive people to store
3x ads
seeing a Miele ad 3 times was the most successful in driving a user to a store
postcode optimisation
we found lower cost-per-footfall for higher income postcodes, allowing us to optimise to select postcodes which drove more foot traffic and sales in Miele stores

How Bench achieved success with Miele

Miele are a global leader in the supply of premium household appliances for kitchens, laundry and floorcare. With stores and experiences nationally, Miele have a strong foothold in the Australian market.

Miele engaged the services of Bench Media to develop digital strategies to drive incremental sales – with measurement and attribution in mind. The aim was to push high quality traffic to their website through the use of scalable and accurate targeting. From there, we would measure the increase in audiences attending Miele’s physical stores.

The campaign goal:

Bench developed a multi-channel, data-driven campaign identifying potential buyer audiences online. This involved a twofold strategy:

The programmatic solution:

  • To drive consumers to Miele’s website and engage with their product content. Bench Media executed a sequential retargeting strategy whereby users were grouped into different categories based on the actions taken on the website.
  • To drive consumers into physical stores – either a Miele retailer’s store or the Miele ‘experience centres’ in all states nationally.  Bench Media used footfall measurement and measured the movement from users who were exposed to an online ad.
  • Bench Media developed a digital campaign targeting in-market audiences online, using retargeting and sequential marketing to encourage them to a store visit.

Campaign milestones:

  • Bench Media found that those exposed to a Miele programmatic ad spent twice as long in a Miele store than other competitor stores. Higher dwell time in Miele in store drives an increase propensity for an in store sale.
  • Bench Media optimised site activity to ensure website viewers remained sticky on site –  2 minutes and 30 seconds on site would be the optimum time for a site visitor to drive them to store. They would, on average, have to see the ad 3 times in order to be driven to store.
  • We found lower cost per footfall for higher income postcodes, allowing us to optimise towards postcodes which drove more foot traffic and sales in Miele stores.
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