The importance of client feedback in Bench's product strategy

A customer centric approach

A piece by Peter Liaros, Group Product Manager at Bench

Customer feedback is critical for any business – if customers are not at the forefront of what you do then companies create products and services that do not align with customer needs. At Bench we adopt a customer-centric approach where we aim to put customers’ needs first, no matter what. We listen to customers, understand their needs, act and repeat.

I spend a lot of time interviewing our customers to understand the challenges they face with their digital advertising campaigns and identify their pain points. I then work closely with our Product team to discuss these and work out how Bench can solve them.. This critical information guides our strategy and vision for the Bench Connect platform.

Bench Connect is an end-to-end digital media management platform that allows advertisers and agencies to run, manage and optimise their digital programmatic campaigns. Brands and agencies use our platform to see, in real-time, how their campaigns are performing and are able to action the insights quickly using the planning and automation tools.

A recent example of this was the usage of our old custom reporting tool. We received feedback from a number of customers that it was difficult to use, mainly because they didn’t know what specific dimensions and metrics were important for them and their industry to build reports on. They preferred to ask the Bench team to provide the reports – taking them out of the Bench Connect platform.

We solved this pain point by placing the customer experience at the forefront of our design process. Our reporting templates put detailed reports into the hands of our customers faster and more efficiently, allowing them to access the same level of insight and detail that our team uses every day.

As a result of our work in this space, we’ve seen an increase of more than 1,300 reports generated by customers – a 161% uplift over the last four months compared to the previous period.

We continue to generate customer feedback through many channels, and our approach has led to a strong two-year product vision and a specific 6-12 months roadmap tackling the most burning pain points for our customers and prospects.  This ensures our developers are building solutions that solve real problems felt by our customers – allowing them to be more agile in their programmatic advertising strategy.

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Peter Liaros is Group Product Manager at Bench