Why DOOH is going to be important

If you haven’t thought about Digital Out Of Home (also known as Programmatic Out Of Home) yet, here’s some info to get you started.

OOH advertising is great, but how is it getting even greater?

Through programmatic media buying.

Programmatic has been changing the way all digital marketing is planned and executed – it’s ‘The Big Bet’ in the industry. Out Of Home advertising is no exception. With the majority of OOH screens now being digital and the industry’s ability to use mobile movement data, effective integration of DOOH into your strategy and technical execution will make all the difference to your brand.

Buying OOH programmatically is resolving challenges such as:

– Inventory sold-out months in advance
– Pressure on planning ahead
– Navigating the multi-publisher landscape
– Lack of audience targeting

When integrating with a DSP effectively, the benefits of DOOH further include:

Efficiency: What would have taken 3 months to plan and execute due to multiple moving parts, can be immediately activated through the platform.

Higher Audience Targeting: With access to movement data, we can ensure you’re targeting the audiences most relevant to your brand and therefore minimise any wastage on your out of home media spend.

Cross Channel Targeting: Reap the benefits of a full funnel strategy and incremental reach with the inclusion of DOOH in the media channel mix.

Accurate Offline Attribution: When relevant, we can understand customer exposure to the media placements and close the loop with footfall attribution.

Brand Building: Environmental impact and honing in on brand awareness goals.

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