Video advertising: 3 Essentials for effective programmatic buying

Looking at investing into programmatic buying? Programmatic buying, in its most basic of definitions, involves using an automatic engine for buying and selling ad space in real time. Still confused? Have a read of our guide for more information. Though most marketers would acknowledge programmatic buying as a powerful tool for online digital marketing, there are those who would argue that it is hit and miss, and merely involves buying second-rate inventory and serving ads to an overly broad audience segment. While the performance of a programmatic buying campaign depends on many variables, its rise in popularity has meant that the technology behind programmatic buying has dramatically improved, to the point where it has become arguably one of most targeted means of advertising.

Using Programmatic Buying in Video Advertising

So is it possible to use programmatic buying for your video ads? Video advertising is on the rise, particularly the use of multiple screens. According to a recent report, more than 220 million people in the US are watching videos online, and roughly 40 billion of those videos are ads. In fact, video advertising is only growing, with growth figures set to reach double figures for years to come. While a portion of the spend will be invested into traditional marketing channels like TV, radio and print, a significant shift is currently underway, whereby many advertisers are looking at alternative means of spending their marketing budget. If the predictions are accurate, and video advertising is indeed becoming the most popular method of digital advertising, the technology supporting programmatic buying must improve to accommodate.

To give your video-based programmatic buying campaign the best chance of success, and to see the full potential of buying video ad space programmatically, you should integrate the following techniques into your campaign:

Invest in smarter audience remapping

Targeted audience segmentation can only be achieved when you know your audience. If you’re looking at buying video ad space using programmatic buying technology, you’ll need to use your data to carry out accurate audience mapping that considers factors beyond mere demographics. These factors might include things like consumer behaviours (such as what your target audience is searching or buying), which devices they are using, how close they come to buying your product (i.e. where they drop off in the purchase funnel), and what time of the day your ads receive the most engagement, to name a few.

Look at Performance Optimisation

The capacity to change your bids “on the fly” is hugely important. The ability to adjust your programmatic spend based on the levels of engagement your ads receive is essential, as programmatic buying, by its very nature, involves constant optimization until you find the right balance. Put another way, programmatic buying campaigns need to be constantly updated in response to the big data that it so famously generates.

Optimise to your best-performing segments

How relevant is the message you are conveying? Is it sufficiently targeted to your best-performing segments, or does it need tweaking? Serving different ads to different segments will help communicate your brand’s message in the right light. The relevance of an ad will hinge on a number of factors, including the viewer’s location, the time at which it is viewed, and the interests of the person viewing the ad. Ads need to be dynamic and responsive to boost viewer engagement, and they need to be adjusted and adjustable without spending too much time, money or effort.

Next steps

At Benchmarketing, we ensure all steps are taken to optimize your programmatic video ad buying campaign. By integrating ad personalization with effective audience segmentation, we get the most out of your spend and maximize your ROI. If you are looking at YouTube Advertising using TrueView inventory, or simply need guidance on launching an effective video advertising campaign using programmatic capabilities, get in touch with our expert ad-buyers today on 1300 049 498.