TikTok BOOMS - Big opportunities for advertisers


By Sam Thompson, Head of Media & Partnerships, Bench


Over the past few years, we have seen a host of new platforms, new channels, and new data sources enter the market – really scaling their activities and innovating their offering as our industry continues to evolve. 

  • Amazon have released the Amazon DSP to provide advertisers with access to their first party data.
  • Yahoo have  scaled their DSP operations in Australia – growing their capabilities, their team and their revenue
  • The DOOH industry has evolved programmatically and DOOH platforms such as Vistar and Hivestack have grown 
  • Podcast media has grown dramatically
  • Verification services have developed new capabilities
  • All platforms are working on 1st party data strategies or interoperable solutions
  • Samba has allowed us to understand linear behaviour and use these signals for digital targeting
  • Samsung Ads have entered the Australian market

BUT, one thing that doesn’t happen so often is having a completely new media owner enter the market and provide consumers with new options for developing and sharing content, as well as giving marketers the ability to access these audiences in a digital environment. 

Casting our thoughts back we’ve had some big disruptors in the past via the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Snap and Instagram. Now, we have TikTok giving some of the more established players a run for their money given audiences have flocked to their platform all over the world.

The growth stats in Australia are pretty mind blowing. At the end of 2020, TikTok’s Australia user volume was around 2.5M users. At the end of 2021 the number is closer to 8M. Not only is the audience growing but it is a unique and exclusive audience – nearly 70% are aged 18-34 yr and 44% do not use Facebook and 88% do not use Twitch. In addition, users are extremely engaged with the media, averaging about 80 minutes per day on the app.

This of course screams tremendous opportunity for marketers across nearly all verticals and all stages of the consumer journey.

Bench have partnered with TikTok so that our clients can take advantage of this popular channel and remain at the forefront of digital innovation.