Programmatic buying: Should I use an integrated platform?

Programmatic buying allows the advertiser to get more value from their marketing spend. How? With access to more data insights and analytics, advertisers can communicate personalized messages to their target audience, and all in real-time. This two-part series will look at why using an integrated platform for your programmatic buying campaign is essential to increase efficiency.

For a long time, advertisers have found it difficult to effectively track which part of their marketing strategy actually works, and which is just wasted spend. While it’s true that technology has seen significant advancements in recent decades, modern marketers in general struggle to leverage the full potential of programmatic buying and digital advertising.

The real sale point of programmatic buying is its potential to increase the efficiency of your digital marketing efforts by leveraging data in real time, and serving the right ads, to the right people, at the right time.

5 hints to boost your Programmatic Buying campaigns

Use an integrated platform

Using an integrated platform for your programmatic buying enables better access to data throughout the campaign. Using an integrated platform has several notable benefits. It allows for a quicker campaign launch and makes it easier to leverage audience data across devices and marketing channels.

Know and understand your audience

To improve the metrics of your programmatic buying campaign, you should consider the following:

  1. Take advantage of improved tracking capabilities to help track significant audience behaviors, such as product page views and interactions with merchant facilities.
  2. If you have a YouTube channel, you can use video remarketing to reach consumers who have already engaged with your video content; and
  3. Use display remarketing for your search ads – it allows you to reach your audience after they click one of your ads.

Streamline your digital with your traditional

To ensure you have a more holistic and data-driven programmatic buying campaign, you need to minimize fragmentation across your digital and traditional campaigns. Make sure to align any significant insights and analytics gathered from your digital campaigns with findings from your offline efforts. This will help you track performance and ultimately improve efficiency by aligning goals and speeding up your campaign execution. To achieve this, you’ll need a platform that yields audience data at each stage of the campaign.

Bring in the professionals

Instead of simply investing in the right technology, employ data specialists to give you the edge. Simply having access to data insights and analytics will not be enough to achieve optimal campaign results. Just as you would invest in the technology behind programmatic buying, invest in the people who understand it best.

Fine-tune by running multiple campaigns

Can programmatic buying techniques improve the results of a once-off campaign? While it is possible to get a better ROI using a programmatic approach, for ongoing improvements, you should diversify and maximize findings by running several campaigns and comparing the results as you go.

Next steps

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