Facebook And LinkedIn Ad Specs & Size Guidelines 2017 / 2018

We’ve assembled these ad specs for Facebook and LinkedIn to help you get the image sizes and ad copy right when producing creative for these two platforms.

The ad guidelines and examples have been combined for these two social platforms into one guide as several of their ad types have similar specifications.

Facebook Ad Specs

You’ll find Facebook ad guidelines for the following ad types and formats (in order of appearance):

  • Facebook Standard newsfeed ad
  • Facebook Carousel ad
  • Facebook Lead ad (including carousel)
  • Facebook Lead form
  • Facebook App install ad (including carousel)
  • Facebook Likes ad
  • Facebook Canvas ad

LinkedIn Ad Specs

You’ll find the following ad specs for LinkedIn (in order of appearance):

  • LinkedIn Standard newsfeed ad
  • LinkedIn Lead ad
  • LinkedIn Lead form

The Combined Specifications Guide

Facebook LinkedIn Ad Specs & Size Guidelines 2017 2018