Bench’s Mike McGarry Presents to Entrepreneurs on Programmatic Marketing for SMEs

Mike McGarry, Senior Business Manager at Bench, recently presented at Fishburners for The Digital Marketing Connection to a group of entrepreneurs and aspiring small business owners on the topic:

“Why Programmatic Isn’t Just for the Big League – How You Can Step Up to the Plate and Hit Your Competition Out of the Park.”

Proving That Programmatic Is NOT Just for Corporate Players

Programmatic advertising is often seen as a strategy available only to larger businesses with sizeable marketing budgets to match. However, Mike turned this notion on its head and proved to the 90+ person-strong crowd that this is definitely not the case.

He explained the programmatic marketing 101s to the audience, which included the following:

  • What is programmatic advertising?
  • Who are you actually trying to target? Re-marketing best practices, custom audiences
  • Who shouldn’t you be targeting: excluding the wrong audiences
  • Leveraging your niche to find a greater audience using look-a-like algorithms
  • Safely leveraging your customer data using a hashing algorithm
  • Be wary of your obsession over numbers or you will optimise yourself out of the market
  • How to avoid ad fraud and bot traffic.