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How Campaign Notes can support teams in lockdown

Q&A with Bench’s Head of Product, Aamir Ibrahim

What are some communication challenges relating to campaign management during lockdown and restrictions?

Since we started working remotely, not being able to sync up on campaigns whether within the trading team or with customers in weekly WIPs has created a fear of not knowing what is going on. Even if teams can catch up in the office a few days a week, the challenge is still there and is felt much more when the city goes into full lockdown.

Looking after kids, pets, campaigns and your mental health is a challenging balance. This results in last minute absentees, postponed meetings and missed details in running campaigns.

Missed WIPs can create anxiety for customers around not knowing if the campaign is going as planned. Without knowing what decisions were made on the campaign optimisations or fluctuations in results, team members are unable to effectively cover for primary traders if they are absent.

How can Bench Connect Campaign Notes support teams in lockdown and WFH?

Bench Connect’s Campaign Notes feature provides a way to record campaign optimisation decisions, learnings and results directly within the platform. It gives peace of mind to the client that there’s a reason why things are being changed, reduced or improved.

Internally, if someone takes over a campaign, or if someone is sick and can’t hand it over to another team member (for a day, week or month), all the details are there for someone else to jump in and ensure everything is still performing well.

The accounts team can also jump in and start to understand campaigns. This fills a gap in the market and adds another layer of transparency as account managers can convey decisions and optimisations swiftly when needed. It allows them to get a snapshot.

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