Behind the screen: Scaling the platform for Agency Groups

An agency group with multiple trading teams needs visibility of how each team is performing and how healthy their key accounts are. This is not an easy question to answer. 

Marketing heads spend hours chasing people for reports, merging spreadsheets and collating data each week to get a clear picture across their accounts. Even after all that, there is a high chance something got missed, despite all the effort.

So at the start of this year, we at Bench challenged ourselves to find a better solution for agency groups to have visibility and control across their trading teams. 

After a series of customer interviews, product design doodles and technical wizardry, we’ve launched Bench Platform for Groups. 

Organisation and Oversight

This new update enables a multi-level hierarchy to organise multiple agencies, advertisers and teams under a single agency group for better visibility and control. Now the Head of Digital can see the health of client accounts and performance of traders across all teams. Advertisers are organised under their agencies and each team can work with autonomy on their accounts.

The update also provides enhanced security with fine grained access management to control which advertisers and campaigns users have access to and whether they need access to briefing, trafficking or just reports. 

Advertisers’ campaign data is stored under the agency group right from when it is retrieved from DSPs to when it is reported back in Analytics, providing an additional layer of data privacy. These combined create a clear segregation for the agency group as their own secure island within the platform. 

What about brands running campaigns across multiple teams?

While we started with the needs of agency groups, we’ve found that brand advertisers working with multiple trading teams have similar needs, if they’re a franchise structure or multinational company. With Groups they can structure their teams, sub-brands and franchisees under the advertiser group and experience the same benefits around control and visibility across accounts and teams.

Rollout and Early Access

At the time of writing this, we have rolled out Groups to select early-stage customers. As we expand the roll out, we will continue to build more capabilities around agency groups and advertisers. So stay tuned.

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