Announcing Discovery – Your Intelligent Media Planner

Today, we’re excited to announce the official launch of Discovery, “Your Intelligent Marketing Strategy Planning Assistant.”

Bench Discovery is a tool that is part of the Bench platform that helps you take the guesswork out of planning your cross-channel media campaigns using machine intelligence.

Bench Discovery Main Screen on Laptop

How Discovery Can Enhance Your Media Strategy

So, what is Discovery exactly and how can it help your 2018 media and marketing planning?

Through a series of specific questions, the app will gather the required inputs about your product or service and your market.

Among others, these inputs will include:

  • Your marketing and advertising objectives 
    This helps to establish the best paid marketing approach conversion goals for the stage of the buyer journey you’re targeting
  • Your product or service and its category 
    This helps to intelligently match your ads to the best media sources
  • Details around your audience personas 
    This is used to segment and tag your personas based on purchase intent using Bench’s audience mapping feature
  • Your overall marketing strategy 
    This allows for the creation of a multi-channel strategy that complements your existing marketing activities.

Machine Intelligence Meets Human Expertise

Discovery will then analyze your responses based on the millions of data points collected by the Bench platform over the years in order to provide custom insights.

With the help of machine intelligence, the data from your responses will be compared against the thousands of brand campaigns run on the platform to figure out the best media strategy for your brand.

Once your data has been run through Discovery’s machine intelligence-driven engine, the results will be handed over to a Bench strategist for further analysis.

Your strategist then analyzes the outputs and turns this into tailored insights in the form an actionable strategy report created specifically for your campaign.

Not Just a Templated Report – Talk to a Real Strategist

After receiving your report, you’ll have the opportunity to book an additional 20 minute strategy session to discuss the best way to plan your multi-channel media approach.

Our Bench strategist will be able to provide you with additional insights and information related to the Discovery insights report.