Annotate your campaigns

Now, you can add Annotations to your campaigns in the Bench platform

Introducing the latest release in the Bench platform: Annotations. 

The Annotations feature provides a way for your team to record campaign optimisation decisions, learnings and results directly within the platform. Sitting right next to campaign tracking and analytics, it provides contextual information to your campaign performance, telling the story behind the numbers. The ability to write notes and record changes allows for greater transparency, efficiency and accessibility. It provides a window into your campaigns for increased understanding of insights and programmatic.

We caught up with our Performance Manager, India Aston, to ask why this new feature is so exciting for the performance team.

What are the benefits of the new Annotations feature?

IA: There’s a lot of benefits. As traders we do so much work in the background on campaigns, and a lot of what we do isn’t always explained to the client. This feature will open up transparency for the client around all the work we are doing and what we’re seeing, and really shows that we’re across it, rather than just letting a campaign run by itself. It shows clients the reasons for changes, whether it be a drop off of spend, CPM increase or rate change. It gives peace of mind to the client that there’s a reason why things are being changed, reduced or improved. 

Internally, if someone takes over a campaign, or if someone is sick and can’t hand it over to another team member (for a day, week or month), all the details are there for someone else to jump in and ensure everything is still performing well. Adding a note is much more efficient as marketers can receive greater insights in real-time.

It’s an additional layer of insight. When we have a story for the campaign, we can then start to put together the post-campaign report. That opens up the chance to show how much work was done and where the opportunities are to grow the campaign. 

The accounts team can also jump in and start to understand campaigns. This fills a gap in the market and adds another layer of transparency as account managers can convey decisions and optimisations swiftly when needed. It allows them to get a snapshot.

Where did the need arise from?

IA: This feature has come from a real need. Before, clients needed to wait for us to send reports to them, but now they are able to jump in and see updates in real-time.

Because we have such a great platform, we want clients to see the campaign optimisations for themselves with a bit more context without necessarily waiting on a weekly or fortnightly report. They can then see the data and insights when they want as it’s available in real time. 

We want to start to enhance some of the efficiencies and better ways of cross-collaboration within teams. This feature opens up dialogue and efficiencies all round. For post-campaign reporting, we need to understand the stories to speak to the client. It came from a client need, but also from an internal need, too. 

What’s next?

IA: I’m really excited about this update as it represents how we are continuously improving our communications with clients to create that value piece and story. The Annotations feature paves the way forward for future innovations.