2022 Digital Advertising Predictions


2022 will see more companies using programmatic branding, especially with the growth of digital out of home (pDOOH) recently creating more opportunities to capitalise on the advantages of programmatic. Such as the flexibility, efficiency, targeting and ability to connect the dots.

– Mark Titley, Head of Client Services, Bench Media


Planning for Attention

Currently, the best metrics to devise the most effective media plans have been completion rates, cost-per-completed-view (CPCV), viewability (pixels-in-view) and time-based metrics (time-in-view). However, these metrics don’t go far enough, and are not correlated closely with moving brand metrics like purchase intent and recall.

Factors like viewability (ad start), video completion, active attention and memorability with a standardised scoring across channels are gaining traction, whereby brands can adjust their channel weightings for optimised results and better outcomes. Research findings on attention, from the likes of Lumen and Professor Karen Nelson-Field, are making us rethink channel planning. More robust research is needed to provide a standardised and independent currency that will allow brands and agencies to plan better towards attentive reach and provide accurate scores in trying to drive outcomes. 


Programmatic Digital Out Of Home (pDOOH)
With Ooh! Media inventory now available programmatically, expect pDOOH to go BOOM. With the power of OOH itself amplified by the benefits of programmatic! Mainly flexibility, targeting and the ability to prove its value in driving in-store / online. Expect BIG recovery and growth.


The Year of Testing & Learning

‘Deprecation day’ may have been pushed back, but this is HOT topic number 1! With so many solutions now being offered, 2022 will be a key time for testing what works best for you and your goals. At Bench, we have partnered with many large players and have access to their alpha and beta versions of new innovations. We are looking forward to continuing to test and learn about new advertising capabilities for our clients in 2022.


Advanced Attribution

Measurement and attribution are going to see continued disruption. At Bench we have recently gained access to technology that allows us to measure the conversion uplift on Search & Social as a result of programmatic Branding activity. Driving higher quality searches and  up to 300% increase in conversion rate of those exposed. We’ve also seen  Share of Search becoming a new and important measure of success (see link here). This WILL lead to additional investment into PROGRAMMATIC branding and longer term planning and outcomes. 

A piece by Mark Titley, Head of Client Services at Bench