[Webinar Recap] How to Plan a Media Strategy in 15 Minutes

On Wednesday, 9th May, we hosted a webinar on how to plan an end-to-end media strategy in just 15 minutes.

Of course, planning a comprehensive media strategy in such a short time span sounds like a very ambitious undertaking! Given how many digital channels can be accessed directly and through programmatic buying, most marketers and agency media planners get lost in the complexity.

Yet in this webinar, Bench’s Dennis Kibirev, Brand & Content Marketing Manager, and Michael Troumbas, Strategic Partnerships, show just how this can be achieved using the right framework and tools.

In the webinar, they covered the following:

  • A proprietary framework for managing programmatic and digital media campaigns across multiple channels
  • How to eliminate bias from choosing advertising channels in order to boost the ROI on your total media investment
  • How using the right tool can put you in control of your media buying.

Watch a full version of the recorded webinar by following the link – http://go.benchplatform.com/webinar-machine-intelligence-media-planning-on-demand 

Check out the slides from the presentation below:

Webinar: Planning a Digital Media Strategy in 15 Minutes from Bench