Webinar highlights: Summer Movement in Digital Media

Webinar highlights: Summer Movement in Digital Media

This year has been unlike anything before it, and predictions forecast that more Australians will be in the country over the festive season than ever before due to ongoing international travel restrictions. What does this all mean for marketers? 

Our webinar Summer Movement in Digital Media, hosted with Foursquare and VMO, unpacked the latest consumer insights and trends in order to understand how marketers can harness the power of movement.

The panel included:

  • Moderator: Sam Thompson, Head of Media & Partnerships
  • Arti Shah, Regional Vice President, Agencies & Advertisers of JAPAC, Foursquare
  • Braden Clarke, Programmatic Director, VMO
  • Esther Carlsen, Commercial Director, Bench

The discussion centred on four key observations.

  1. More people working from home
  2. Australia will be full of Australians this summer
  3. Some categories will be up, and some will be down
  4. Measurement and impact is key

Get in touch for the recording if you missed the live panel discussion. Here’s some key highlights from the event:

  • Working from home is here to stay. Understanding this from a marketer’s perspective is key due to the disruptions to daily routines. For example, a recent Nielson study found that 50% of people are now going to bed later, and therefore, we will likely see a shift in the traditional prime time. How does this impact media consumption and device use? And how do these changes impact strategies and audience types from an optimisation point of view?
  • More eyes are on digital platforms than ever before. Brands need to consider how consumers can engage and resonate with their messaging.
  • How are consumers moving in the real world today? For example, fitness enthusiasts are still fitness enthusiasts, but how they engage in fitness is different as many move from working out in gyms to the outdoors or at home. How does this change in location and movement shift marketing strategies?
  • Recovery is at different stages across the country. Programmatic can allow you to react quickly to these different changes. 
  • The way we travel is changing dramatically due to closed borders. For example, searches for caravans and trailers are up 600% YoY. 
  • Discretionary spending is up for grabs for marketers. 
  • Australians want to support local communities and Australian brands.
  • 96% of Australians plan to buy Christmas presents, and 60% haven’t thought about it yet. Over 50% plan to do their Christmas shopping three weeks out, so those consumers are yet to hit the shops.
  • We shouldn’t be comparing measurement and results to this time last year as we live in a different world now. Is this a chance to be thinking about innovation?

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