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We provide tools and expertise empowering the world’s leading brands and advertisers to deliver effective digital advertising strategies and campaigns. Brand safety is assured with Bench.

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Take control of digital media with our experts who tailor your successful approach across the marketing funnel for outstanding results.

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Marketing intelligence software that delivers rapid insights to plan, manage and optimise programmatic media, no matter your business goals.

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Our platform and services place your audience or customer at the heart of everything we do


Bench has deep understanding of the world’s best networks, audiences, channels and data integrations to deliver outstanding marketing.

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Whatever your business goals, we create campaigns to help grow and expand your audience locally, nationally and internationally.

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Our team is always on the front foot adapting to change and innovating fast so that you can be assured of being ahead of the curve.

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Our smart platform and experts with tried and tested frameworks give your brand unparalleled control, transparency and efficiency.

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We put your audience or customer at the heart of everything we do, moving the needle for your business across all marketing goals.

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Take control and easily find truth in any data with our smarter, faster and better services and marketing intelligence software.

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What our
customers say

"The team at Bench are innovative in their product offering around programmatic and were the first provider for us that got broadcast video on demand (BVOD) right. They are the first agency we came across that just ‘get’ programmatic and have got digital out of home right.”

Scott Forrest , Digital Marketing Director, Nuheara

"What I love about the new Custom Reporting is the general snapshot of ad performance - one click, filter the campaign and it was all there instead of adding all of the individual ones (the dimensions and metrics). It's so easy to get the reports you want."

Melanie Steenkamp , Marketing Officer, UTS

"Bench is a delight to work with. The split-funnel methodology has significantly helped our team identify unique goals for each advertising channel while measuring performance through relevant custom KPI sets."

Larisa Ishchenko , Digital Marketing Manager, Dixon Advisory

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