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Take control of digital media and brand safety to run effective campaigns and gain complete visibility across multiple teams and channels.

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Take control of digital media with our experts who tailor your successful approach across your client’s marketing funnel for outstanding results.

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Marketing intelligence software that delivers rapid insights to plan, manage and optimise programmatic media across your agency, no matter your goals.

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Intelligent digital media offering control, truth and better results


Unparalleled visibility across platforms, channels and audiences to scale locally and globally.

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Exceed client expectations by using our flexible reports and dashboards to demonstrate real value.

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We are experts at planning, optimising and analysing to be ahead of the innovation curve.

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Our experienced team can audit all marketing and business goals, technology partners, data capabilities, privacy requirements and more.

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Brilliant management platform to check and optimise campaigns and team efficiencies to streamline workflow.

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Underpinned by marketing excellence and a flexible platform, consolidated reporting by brands, agencies and categories.

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customers say

“What surprised us about the Bench technology was the simplicity of discovering one access point for the entire ecosystem. All of a sudden, our teams could start testing channels for clients faster than ever.”

Andrew Livingston , Managing director at Mediahub

"The team at Bench are innovative in their product offering around programmatic and were the first provider for us that got broadcast video on demand (BVOD) right. They are the first agency we came across that just ‘get’ programmatic and have got digital out of home right.”

Scott Forrest , Digital marketing director at Nuheara

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