Performance Case Study: Leading education provider

Leading Education Provider

Benchmarketing Case Study – How to Increase budget and Reduce CPA at the same time

Vertical: Education

Problem: Education vertical saturated in Adwords driving the cost of acquiring new students up – This leading education provider started looking for new lead sources while keeping high quality

Solution: Initiated test budget by creating matrix of variables – Age, gender, location, day parting (time of day optimisation), interests syndicated from Facebook Exchange.

The campaign was originally under performing – CPA was quite high and conversion rate was too low. We introduced Booster pages with Conversion rate (CR) optimisation, sub segments were tested based on interests, we tweaked the pages to perform to the outcomes. In doing this we found out what the problems in quality were and we added qualifying questions to the form. In response to the data, we dynamically presented the most relevant form to the individual user based on their interests and education courses that they were looking for.

OutcomeBreaking Rules

As we increased volume we were actually decreasing the CPA. This completely defies the usual scenario in real time bidding which is as volume increases, media costs more and the CPA increases. We defied that by dynamic optimisation of creative and media, so our campaign went more like this:

Before:                                                              After:

customer pool 1

customer pool 2

We generated new demand – no longer were we servicing existing demand, we were regenerating demand, scanning for new users and converting them at the same time. We were able to increase the institute’s audience size by 3x and kept conversion rates as high as they were on low volume.

Based on the wins and fails of our targeting metrics we fed those into finding new audiences. The Benchmarketing platform is constantly learning and optimising. This campaign was a major win for the client and for the Benchmarketing team.