Nuheara Lifts Revenue by 517%

Through Data-Driven Campaigns

Published in Martech Series 11, August, 2021.

Smart hearing technology brand Nuheara amplifies awareness through innovative programmatic advertising campaign powered by Bench Connect.

Global leader in smart hearing technology Nuheara, has partnered with leading programmatic solutions provider Bench, for a dual focus of maintaining direct to consumer (DTC) growth while also increasing brand awareness in a competitive market.

Through a strategic mix of Broadcast Video On Demand (BVOD), online video and native activity campaigns, Nuheara achieved a 50% uplift in search volumes across search engines for the Nuheara brand and an increase in brand awareness evidenced by brand uplift studies.

Nuheara had a 100% growth in search queries for its core product, IQbuds2 MAX and the company reported its FY21 sales being up 517%.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia, Nuheara produces true wireless, active noise cancelling, hearing buds that provide an affordable and accessible solution for people at the early stages of their hearing health journey.

Scott Forrest, Digital Marketing Director at Nuheara, says the company was in the market for a solution that went beyond the limitations of traditional media and press, to target their niche customer profiles.

At the same time, they had a complex buyer’s journey of over five touch points across various digital and social channels. They were also facing rising costs across traditional digital marketing channels like Facebook and Google, where they usually spend most of their marketing dollars.

Mr Forrest says, “Our core avatar is a male 45 to 65 and they fall into two groups; those that are aware they have mild to moderate hearing challenges and those that aren’t aware. You can’t buy that data set from somewhere, because it doesn’t exist. We have to layer multiple third party data sets over that to refine the targeting, which we certainly could never do on traditional broadcast media.”

“So we had really specific target audiences that other traditional media, whether it be television, radio or press, couldn’t target. And traditionally in digital marketing, we measure everything. You can’t do that easily with terrestrial television or radio, but we can do that with programmatic Broadcast Video On Demand.”

Nuheara turned to Bench to efficiently and programmatically layer a more robust demand generation advertising solution over its digital marketing capability.