Introducing the Bench Media Briefing Tool

While all aspects of marketing and advertising are being revolutionised, media briefs are still recorded using a paper and pen. That’s right, while AI is taking over the marketing world, programmatic and digital media strategy is written down on paper.

Well, we’re about to change that…

Making Paper-Based Media Briefs History

Using Bench Briefing Tool, you can now brief omni-channel advertising campaigns directly into the Bench platform.

Bench Briefing Tool

We’ve applied our proprietary Discovery algorithm to a single-page form that speeds up the briefing process while making it more efficient.

Briefing Tool lets you enter all of your relevant strategy information quickly into the Bench platform, which quickly translates your inputs into a campaign that can be launched at the flip of a switch.

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Otherwise, please reach out to us if you wish to see a demo of the Bench Platform.