Get trending and incorporate TikTok into your strategy

By Sebastian Diaz, Media & Partnerships Manager, Bench.

If I told you “you’re a ten, but” you “move like Horace”running up that hill”, would you wonder what planet I was on? The answer is, it’s a Tiktok world, and you’re just living in it.

All the above phrases are those which have trended on Tiktok recently. And while you may be processing how you used to be “with it”, the reality is, the world has changed what “it” was. 

Therein lies the power of Tiktok’s exponential growth – the addictive short-form video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. By sandwiching your ads between hyper-relevant and trending topics, we’ll endeavor to break down the need for Tiktok as part of your marketing strategy, one bite-sized fact at a time:

Audiences are becoming more diverse, yet unique from Facebook

While you may still be scratching your heads about what on earth the above trends detail, the good news is that trends are starting to skew older. “Running Up That Hill” is a reference to the re-viralised hit by Kate Bush in the 1980s, and it’s currently doing the rounds on TikTok. 

While Tiktok initially skewed towards a younger target market, 78% of Australia’s 8 million users are between 18 and 44 years old – and the trend is skewing older. Further to that, 44% of Tiktok users do not use Facebook. As users migrate away from Facebook’s dominance, Tiktok presents an increased branding opportunity as your ideal customer most likely is already active on Tiktok.

Ads drive consumer advocacy, rather than cheap engagement

Unlike other social media platforms, Tiktok fosters a discovery mindset – and for hours on end. 

More than 160 million hours of video are watched on Tiktok in any given minute of the day, and, unlike other social media platforms, users are there to explore new trends, rather than to see content from their friends and family.

Doing the rounds recently is the trending topic, “He/she’s a ten, but”, in which TikTokers score their imaginary partner’s beauty based on their fatal flaw – for example, “He’s a ten, but he can’t read an analog clock”. Such content is designed to create conversation amongst the TikTok community and fun shared experiences, of which ads can be sandwiched in between. User engagement on Tiktok is super high, but users feel more connected to the content’s non-invasive style of advertising. 

User discovery can mean user loyalty

While Tiktok is a video content platform, it offers great variety to be seen, heard and drive business results. Each Tiktoker’s inherent need to discover means brands can ride the coattails of this platform to initially boost their branding, bring in a new customer base, and eventually create loyalty. In-feed ads campaigns to offer high-impact, sound on videos that grab your audience’s attention as they scroll their feed of videos, sandwiched between their favourite content. Combining this with the TikTok tracking pixel means down-funnel interactions (such as form fills or add to cart events) can build out an end-to-end conversion loop to retarget and, depending on tailored creative content, create user loyalty.

What next?

Remember that when creating a TikTok ads campaign – don’t create ads, create TikToks. Even get Horace involved. Bench Media is excited to incorporate TikTok into your marketing strategy. 

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