Disrupting Digital Media 2020

The temptation to see our activity as at the heart of every campaign, digital or otherwise, is undoubtedly endemic to all marketeers. The rapid growth of digital marketing, combined with the Pandora’s box of consumer insights that now rests at our fingertips, has resulted in a plethora of real-time information that can be influenced and manipulated with the simple push of a button.

But how do these instant digital insights help deliver against longer-term brand strategies? Where exactly does digital sit within the marketing mix? And can we ever be friends with the branding team?

Once again, Disrupting Digital Media is back to answer all of this and so much more. ‘The Rise of Unified Marketing’ is presented to you in collaboration with the IAB and Kantar.

Miss out at your marketing peril. Spaces are limited.

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Melbourne – 12 March 2020
Sydney – 19 March 2020
Perth – 26 March 2020