Moving forward: a conversation starter

Moving forward: a conversation starter

Moving forward: a conversation starter

After a year unlike anything before, it’s still quite uncertain how 2021 will unfold. The advertising industry is facing both monumental challenges and exciting opportunities. This is particularly true in the identity and data space as the industry waits to see what will happen with the deprecation of the cookie, Apple’s proposed iOS updates and other evolving solutio

ns put forward by technology leaders.

We asked several senior leaders at Bench to share their thoughts on the year ahead and the evolving nature of identity and data.

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What are you most excited about for the year ahead? 

Ori Gold, Chief Executive Officer: There are very exciting megatrends going through our industry as it matures. Callouts on anti-competition and privacy issues are coming from all directions: consumers, regulatory bodies and the marketplace itself. This creates a lot of healthy discussion and opportunities for brands and agencies to educate themselves about the risks of putting all their eggs in one ad or media basket. Working only with one ad stack or DSP, and buying most media through Google or Facebook, has a strategic warning sign on it.

It’s very exciting for us to advise both brands and agencies and provide them with the right software to be independent and avoid these pitfalls. We provide clarity on the prices and outcomes of their media, and properly control their ad activity in this time of change.

Shai Luft, Chief Operations Officer: The last year has been challenging for the industry. In spite of this, it has made us innovate at a faster speed than ever before, and become more agile and responsive to our clients’ needs. It’s very exciting to see us extend our footprint into Asia and adapt to this complex landscape so that we can help more marketing teams better control their digital investment.

David Cameron, Engineering Director: Seeing all the new ideas that have been generated through the Covid lockdowns come to life.

Esther Carlsen, Commercial Director: I feel really ready to get stuck into this year. We are hitting reset, launching new offerings and focusing on transition and growth. With programmatic now operating across all media channels, it’s important to tailor solutions for marketers’ needs more than ever. It’s essential to drive strategic value for our customers at every step.

What are your thoughts on the evolution of identity and data in 2021?

Ori Gold, Chief Executive Officer: There are many great initiatives being put forward by different players, which is great to see. It’s not yet clear what solution will take the realm, but this evolution is very healthy for our industry and will accelerate the trust that consumers put in the digital ecosystem. At Bench, we’re very excited to be able to provide our customers with a variety of solutions in this area, and tailor the right one to fit brand ethos and marketing needs.

Shai Luft, Chief Operations Officer: Ultimately everyone wants better control over their data: what they give, who accesses it, and the ability to be in the driving seat of our valuable information. Our job is to be relevant to the right people that are a good fit for our product and services. If the industry creates an identity solution that gets this right, people will be more willing to engage with relevant ads, which will lead to a better marketing experience for everyone.

David Cameron, Engineering Director: We’re going through a pretty seismic change in the industry. We’ve got consumers, governments and market players all pulling in different directions. Clearly there is a need for a solution, and it’s going to be interesting to see where it lands.

Esther Carlsen, Commercial Director: Well, it’s a big topic — that’s for sure. It’s well documented that there are serious headwinds to the way we have ‘done’ data in the past, and from my past life at LiveRamp, I fully understand the importance and relevance of first-party data, privacy and identity resolution solutions.

There is a lot of noise, a lot of confusion, a lot of claims to unpack, but ultimately the move is happening. Data as we know it is finally changing.

There are some very interesting opportunities coming from the likes of The Trade Desk and LiveRamp around addressability and interoperable ID solutions. On the flip side, I’m liking the fact that contextual and good old behavioural targeting is making a comeback — much like boyfriend jeans — as there is much value to be derived from this. We have been working on how to help our customers prepare, which includes partnering with the right people, developing products that make sense and delivering real tangible alternative solutions for marketers. We do not need to catastrophise, but we certainly need to understand the gaps and how we can pull together as an industry to fill them.

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Shai Luft - Bench Media

Chief Operating Officer

Shai Luft

Meet Shai Luft, a senior marketing executive with a proven track record of delivering results for Australia’s largest ASX200-listed companies. Despite his success, Shai was frustrated by the amount of red tape and bureaucracy that held back marketing innovation. That’s why he co-founded Bench in 2012. As the driving force behind Bench’s operations, Shai is committed to empower marketers with the agility and control they need to achieve their best results.

Ori Gold - Bench Media

Chief Executive Officer

Ori Gold

Meet Ori Gold, an ad tech and martech expert. Driven by the frustration of everyday marketers facing a lack of control and accessibility, Ori co-founded Bench in 2012 to revolutionise the digital advertising landscape. Heading the talented and forward-thinking team at Bench, Ori is the driving force behind the company’s strategic and product vision. Thanks to Ori’s leadership, Bench has become one of the most respected and successful digital agencies in Australia.

General Manager

Liam Garratt

Meet Liam Garratt, the creative mind behind Bench’s top-notch products and services. With a career in digital media spanning over a decade, Liam has made a name for himself as a leader in the industry. He got his start in 2011 working for UK-based programmatic platform Crimtan, where he played a key role in launching the company’s Australian office. In 2017, Liam brought his expertise to Bench, where he now leads the Product & Services functions. Liam is passionate about delivering only the highest quality products and services to Bench’s clients. His commitment to excellence is the foundation of Bench’s stellar reputation.

VP of Growth

Anthony Fargeot

Meet Anthony Fargeot, the pioneer behind Bench’s growth and success. Joining Bench in its infancy in 2013, Anthony’s experience with high-growth start-ups gave him the skills to help Bench become one of the most successful digital agencies in Australia. As Head of Client Services and then Director of Operations, Anthony led Bench through its highest growth period. Today, as VP of Growth, Anthony uses his creative thinking and strategic insights to always look for new and innovative ways to help Bench stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing digital landscape.