Our new internal innovation: Campaignator

Our new internal innovation: Campaignator

At Benchmarketing we had an issue. We were running many campaigns at one time for different clients and at the crux of those campaigns was landing pages. Our Booster Pages suite makes it super easy to create landing pages that convert, but at times, just like anything in life, things can go wrong.

It could be that a link was broken, or a landing page wasn’t functioning the way it should have been, and because we had so many campaigns running it became difficult for staff to keep on top of all of the functionality of all our landing pages. We didn’t want to risk and problems being problems for long.

Meet Campaignator – our new landing page monitor.

Campaignator is an application we built to constantly monitor all of our campaign pages. We are sent emails in Real-time if there are any issues and are able to fix problems on the spot, rather than having to find them ourselves.

It’s a great innovation from the Benchmarketing team and we believe it will increase our overall campaign management efficiency by at least 20%.

Well done Team!

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Shai Luft - Bench Media

Chief Operating Officer

Shai Luft

Meet Shai Luft, a senior marketing executive with a proven track record of delivering results for Australia’s largest ASX200-listed companies. Despite his success, Shai was frustrated by the amount of red tape and bureaucracy that held back marketing innovation. That’s why he co-founded Bench in 2012. As the driving force behind Bench’s operations, Shai is committed to empower marketers with the agility and control they need to achieve their best results.

Ori Gold - Bench Media

Chief Executive Officer

Ori Gold

Meet Ori Gold, an ad tech and martech expert. Driven by the frustration of everyday marketers facing a lack of control and accessibility, Ori co-founded Bench in 2012 to revolutionise the digital advertising landscape. Heading the talented and forward-thinking team at Bench, Ori is the driving force behind the company’s strategic and product vision. Thanks to Ori’s leadership, Bench has become one of the most respected and successful digital agencies in Australia.

General Manager

Liam Garratt

Meet Liam Garratt, the creative mind behind Bench’s top-notch products and services. With a career in digital media spanning over a decade, Liam has made a name for himself as a leader in the industry. He got his start in 2011 working for UK-based programmatic platform Crimtan, where he played a key role in launching the company’s Australian office. In 2017, Liam brought his expertise to Bench, where he now leads the Product & Services functions. Liam is passionate about delivering only the highest quality products and services to Bench’s clients. His commitment to excellence is the foundation of Bench’s stellar reputation.

VP of Growth

Anthony Fargeot

Meet Anthony Fargeot, the pioneer behind Bench’s growth and success. Joining Bench in its infancy in 2013, Anthony’s experience with high-growth start-ups gave him the skills to help Bench become one of the most successful digital agencies in Australia. As Head of Client Services and then Director of Operations, Anthony led Bench through its highest growth period. Today, as VP of Growth, Anthony uses his creative thinking and strategic insights to always look for new and innovative ways to help Bench stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing digital landscape.