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Thousands of Audience Segments now at your fingertips

by Bench June 25, 2019

Critical to the success of any marketing campaign, our latest platform upgrade, Audience Gallery allows you to specifically target your audience not simply by age-break and gender, but by interests and behaviours, activities and viewpoints.

Defining your target market is the known foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Honing in on that focus and identifying common behaviours and characteristics are key to broadening reach and message. But whilst our thinking and communication has moved far beyond the days of ‘housewives with kids 25-44’, technology has been rather slow to catch up. That is, until now. Bench’s enhanced Audience Gallery feature combines accessibility with connectivity, which means that your campaigns are set to work harder than ever before.

Audience Gallery

Bench partners will already be very familiar with the extensive planning tools available online and selecting a campaign target audience presents nothing new. But the change that you will notice is a vast array of new available segmentations. These new and highly targeted categories are taken from multiple providers, sources which are regularly updated and refined as additional data becomes available. Whilst internally at Bench these audiences have always been accessible, we have recognised that an improved user-interface will enhance effectiveness and outcomes by prompting closer team collaboration and connectivity as the campaign progresses.

Audience Gallery user interface

Fine-tuning your target audience

Critical to the success of any marketing campaign, Audience Gallery allows you to specifically target your audience not simply by age-break and gender, but by interests and behaviours, activities and viewpoints. This tool also indicates every detail of each audience segment selected within a particular campaign as well as the position in the marketing funnel, which then helps facilitate any targeting changes mid-campaign and allows opportunities for re-strategising in real time. With considerably improved usability it provides a tangible means of encouraging people-led communication. Clients have the ability to experiment with audience changes and strategies, triggering communication with Bench as the campaign gatekeepers – there to advise, guide and implement.


Easily accessible through the user interface, Audience Gallery forms an integral part of your campaign setup. It will allow you to select specific creative copy against particular audiences, as well as allocating specific copy by device. Audience Gallery will highlight within your campaign what is working well and what less so. Bench’s stack agnostic approach enables users to access thousands of new audience segments from multiple providers, all designed and formatted to meet highly targeted categories. Importantly, Audience Gallery is unique to Bench in that these groups have been made easily accessible and available to users, rather than retained beyond reach.

What else do I need to know?

In encouraging team communications, Audience Gallery reinforces the enduring Bench philosophy of great technology powered by great people. Available in July, this improved functionality gives our customers access to our relationships and data sources by facilitating an open and honest trading relationship that continually works towards the highest possible campaign deliverables.

Contact us at [email protected] if you want more to stay in the loop with this feature upgrade.