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…and connect meaningfully with your customers.

The Bench framework is founded on connectivity and accessibility. It was developed for marketers who crave simplicity.

Using our specialised campaign management software, our in-house strategists track and connect with consumers as they navigate and follow their unique customer pathways.

That’s why Bench is your partner for complete digital media activation and navigation of channels and audiences.

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The Bench Solution


Full Funnel Strategy

The funnel underpins our entire approach to planning, execution and analysis. So you can discover, measure, test and evolve your campaigns using a single, outcome-driven platform.

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Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Unlock emerging channels and data solutions across Programmatic TV, DOOH, Audio and Native. Achieve smarter dynamic retargeting without spending anything extra on additional software or having to engage any retargeting companies.

Optimise Your Strategy & Spend


Data-Driven Analytics & Insights

Track your media budget as the campaign unfolds and drill down into the metrics using a variety of filters. With a one-click export of all data, you can analyse the information any way as you please.

Analyse Campaigns in Real Time


Your Unified Workflow Platform

End-to-end digital campaign strategy and management enabled by the Bench Platform and specialised team of experts. From audience discovery and management, to campaign optimisation and analytics, all in one place.

Unify Your Entire Campaign


In-Housing & Platform Enablement

In-housing can be risky and costly. However, it can be the ultimate advertising solution when done right to give you transparency and control. The Bench Platform and our team expertise enable effective in-housing solutions so the transition is smooth, cost-effective and successful.

Your In-Housing Solution Starts Here

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As a marketer, you want a comprehensive solution to help you achieve results, efficiently.

Our experienced team of performance specialists will help you with your entire programmatic mix, from DMP marketing, setup and media spend, to ongoing management and reporting. All backed by the capabilities of the Bench campaign management platform. It’s the perfect symbiosis between human and machine.

Let us help your brand

Let’s work together

We understand that, as an agency, you want to deliver top-notch campaigns to your clients without having to worry about managing multiple platforms. We understand the value of control and transparency.

Bench was built by a team who have worked both client-side and for programmatic vendors – We understand your challenges. In addition to our platform, we offer a white-glove service that fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

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