Meet The Team: Interview with Harsita Ganda

A Q&A with Senior Performance Manager at Bench

Name:   Harsita Ganda

Title:   Senior Performance Manager

Tell us a bit about what you do at Bench day to day?
My day-to-day tasks at Bench centre around managing programmatic campaigns. This involves building campaigns within DSPs, optimizing the campaigns to deliver the best results for our client, analysing the data to provide insights and tracking the performance of these campaigns using Bench Connect. On a day to day basis, I also work on developing strategies for new campaigns and revising existing strategies to improve the performance of these campaigns for our clients.

What’s an exciting campaign you have worked on recently? Were there any challenges? How did you overcome them?
I recently ran a full-funnel campaign for a leading fintech, where the main goal was to drive in-app transactions for a share trading platform. We had a campaign running in ANZ to help drive awareness and consideration with the aim to have users convert. The challenge we faced was measuring the effectiveness of awareness channels such as online video, audio and BVOD on in-app conversions. We relied on a mobile measurement partner for measuring conversions and so being the last touch our visibility of channels running within the awareness layer was limited. We overcame this problem by looking at path to conversion reports from the DSP and matching conversion time stamps from these reports to reports generated from the mobile attribution partner. We were able to gather some amazing insight, such as which of the awareness channels achieved the most conversions and this help shape and change our current strategy.

What do you like most about working in the programmatic industry?
The programmatic landscape is always changing and evolving – there are new developments and updates every week. This makes my role challenging but also exciting as there is always something new to learn, troubleshoot and discover. For example, when new channels emerge such as DOOH, we’re the ones on the tools and we get the fun task of testing and exploring how this channel performs.

What do you love about working at Bench?
There’s a collaborative environment at Bench which makes it feel as if we are working towards one common goal. Our traders work closely with the Client Services team, to work on strategies for upcoming briefs, solve problems that may occur and provide recommendations to clients on how to improve their campaigns. We also work with the Product and Development team to brainstorm new ideas and provide feedback on Bench Connect with ways to continually improve the platform.