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20th Century Fox Sees 2.9 Million Completed Views for Movie Launch

Marketing goals

20th Century Fox International, one of the world’s premier film distributors, wanted to promote the latest Alien movie release across their Asia-Pacific markets. The campaign was focused on generating interest among a diverse audience spread across 10 different countries.



Goal Achievement


Completed Views

The team at Bench are skilled channel strategists and use their expertise to help champion digital innovation across our highly digitally focused markets in Asia. For the Alien: Covenant campaign specifically, through Bench, we were able to trial new ad formats on Facebook successfully and to maximise engagement and ultimately awareness with one of our key audience demographics.

Efemena Okogba

Regional Media Director, APAC

Increasing Global Video Engagement in Entertainment Industry With Programmatic

20th Century Fox is a pre-eminent entertainment company that epitomizes Hollywood and is responsible for some of the 21st century’s most iconic movies. This campaign was focused on promoting Alien: Covenant, the latest addition to one of the most well-known science-fiction / horror film franchises of all time.

The marketing team has a long-standing relationship with Bench and trusted them to achieve difficult video engagement goals across ten key markets.

Marketing challenge

The main challenge that the marketing team faced was trying to promote an R-rated movie via digital channels in a region where the horror genre traditionally doesn’t attract a large legion of fans. As a result, trying to find the right advertising channels to promote the movie was tricky.

Another element that added complexity to the campaign was the need to promote the release across a number of APAC countries in several languages. This entailed using different creative assets and a staggered release schedule across the various markets.

Campaign Goals:

The digital campaign focused on driving completed views for the video content, which served as both a promo tool and to extend the narrative for fans of this famous movie franchise.



Programmatic solution

The programmatic strategy involved identifying the channels that had performed well for 20th Century Fox by market, in addition to exploring new ad formats and channels. Using the automation, optimization and reporting capabilities of the Bench Platform, they were able to run a different channel mix for each geography in order to increase ROI.

The Bench Platform allowed 20th Century Fox to drill down into the performance data by country. Bench’s audience optimization engine allowed them to quickly figure out what creative and messaging worked best in each market. They were then able to optimize these in real-time in order to maximize their media spend.


Alien: Covenant overachieved completed video view goals by 70% reached its view goals in all markets. The trailers were watched just under 3 million times in less than a month.

The movie made it into the top 100 for All Time International Box Office for R Movies and 9th All Time International Box Office for Horror Movies.


Goal Achievement


Completed Views

Bench Platform Features Used

Self-optimizing programmatic advertising

Media buying tailored to your brand

Smart real-time bidding

Even smarter audience persona retargeting

Real-time analytics & transparent reporting

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20th Century Fox International


Los Angeles, California, United States

Company Description

One of the world’s largest producers and distributors of motion pictures, 20th Century Fox Film produces, acquires and distributes motion pictures throughout the world.


Marketing team size

3 (Australia)

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